Why Visiting Phoenix is a Must.

The city with, personally, the coolest nickname out of all the other big cities in the US, Phoenix is known for its warm temperatures, spa resorts, golf courses, and wild nightlives. It’s a city that can rival even other great cities like Miami and even Vegas in some ways. But that’s not all there is to the Valley of the Sun. Here, you’ll have various sights to see, activities to do, and unique experiences to have! You just have to look at the right way. So without further ado, here are some reasons why visiting Phoenix is such a must! 

Morning Hot Air Balloon Flight. 

Phoenix is next to one of the huge deserts you can find in the US, the Sonoran Desert. But anybody can drive through it, but have you ever thought about what flying over it would feel like? Well, in Phoenix, you’ll be able to do just that! Get a taste of the sky when you try the morning hot air balloon flight that can give you an amazing view of the sunrise over Phoenix! And when you’re done with the flight, you can enjoy a nice little breakfast near the landing spot with some great wine! 

Musical Instrument Museum. 

Now, this is a must experience while you’re in the city. In this museum, you’ll be able to experience just what music has gone through all throughout the years. You’ll also be able to examine over 7,000 musical artifacts just to put into perspective how long music has been in our lives. And you’ll get to experience this, and much more at your own pace! Now, by that, I mean that you’ll be given an audio guide headset, so that you won’t have to pay too much for a tour and that you’ll be able to visit the galleries and collections you personally want to, and not have to go through every gallery. 

The Shoot House. 

Have you ever had a dream of being a soldier before when you were a kid? Or maybe you play a lot of first-person shooter games and want to see how it feels like in real life? Well, if you’re in Phoenix, you’ll have the chance to participate in the Shoot House. This place has all the things you would hope to play soldier! Here, you’ll be able to work with former military personnel, and use an array of pistols and rifles in order to clear rooms in urban warfare. It’s a fun and unique activity that you can only experience here in Phoenix! 


And these are just some of the amazing places you can see, and things to experience in the Valley of the Sun. We haven’t even covered the nightlife yet! Well, here are just some of the top things to do while you’re in town. When you actually do get to Phoenix, you’ll actually be able to experience much MUCH more! It’s the city to go to when you’re visiting America, so don’t forget to drop by when you have the time! …

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Top 3 Cities to Visit in California

California is a gigantic state with everything from rolling hills to showbiz lights. There’s no shortage of things to do and see, and one can drown in the sheer opportunities for fun! Below is a quick guide to a few of California’s funniest cities. 

1. Hollywood 

Known around the world, Hollywood continues to be an epicenter for entertainment, innovation, and street performers in scarily-accurate costumes. Walk down Hollywood Boulevard, stand at the corner of Hollywood & Vine, and if you’re lucky, you might just get an audition. 

Best Thing to Do: See The Hollywood Sign 

It’s a rite of tourist passage. If you didn’t see the Hollywood Sign in Hollywood, were you really in Hollywood? 

2. San Diego 

The city of San Diego boasts unparalleled beauty and weather. Just a bit north of the Mexican border, San Diego is an oceanside haven for vacationers and locals alike. Check out one of several incredible art museums, or head down to the water to see the USS Midway, an actual ship decommissioned and turned into a public museum. Best Thing To Do: San Diego Zoo 

I know what you’re thinking: a zoo is just a zoo! But SDZ is a little bit different. They showcase over 3,000 animals at a time, evening out to 650 different species. That’s more diverse than my local zoo, at least. 

3. Sacramento 

While people don’t immediately think of Sacramento when they think of California, it’s actually the state capitol and is rich in history and tradition. Catch a Kings game, or head down to the Waterfront District, aka Old Sac, for a taste of true local life in the state capitol. It may not be LA, but it’s a truly special town. 

Best Thing to Do: California State Railroad Museum 

While it might sound a little too-educational-for-fun, the Railroad Museum highlights a couple of the more dangerous and fascinating parts of California’s history: The Gold Rush and the Transcontinental Railroad.


There’s no shortage of big cities or fun things to do in California. You could visit for a whole month and not even get out of the lower half of the state. There’s history, lights, and if you go a few miles out of town you can even find lush hills and beautiful off-the-beaten-path trails. There’s not a lot of singular states that can offer so many different things all at one time. Just be sure to make time for some rest in between all the activities!…

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5 Best Hiking trails in Iowa

Living can be a bit of a hassle sometimes, with work or studies stressing us out, the home not feeling like one, or just overall discomfort when it comes to basic livelihood. That’s why we all deserve a break from time to time. And what better way to have a break, than to hike mountains or hills? 

Doing so would help us exercise our muscles while also providing us with some relief from the daily stresses we have. So, if you live in Iowa, here are the 5 Best Hiking trails in Iowa you can take and finally get that breather from. 

Maquoketa Caves State Park 

Let’s start off with an easy trail. Maquoketa Caves State Park is a 2.7km loop trail that includes a river and is quite easy for everyone to manage through. It has a small elevation of 88m which makes it a walk in the park quite literally. 

If you want to start off easy with hiking and really just walk around admiring nature, then this is the trail for you. 

Winston Tunnel Trail 

So let’s not rush into things just yet and keep it in a safe pace. The Winston Tunnel trail is one that’s just as easy as the Maquoketa Cave Park, easier even. The reason why is because this trail is one that isn’t a loop and it just takes you to a destination, the Winston Tunnel, and then go back where you came from. 

It’s an easy 3.7 km hike but it does give you the chance to see more wildlife due to its location. On the way you might even be able to see some people bird watching. And if you have a dog, you can bring them along as well. 

Horseshoe Bluff Nature Trail 

Now, let’s go for a moderate difficulty when hiking. And what better trail is there than the Horseshoe Bluff Nature Trail near Dubuque, Iowa. This loop takes a total of only 1.4 km but don’t underestimate it because numbers aren’t everything. Though it is short, it is a bit more challenging than the rest but is still family friendly and even pet friendly. And along this trail, you’ll be able to view a lake and some stunning fields with tons of trees. 

Squire Shore, Weasel Run, Mushroom Forest Trail 

Now, we’re getting a bit more serious here. The Squire Shore, Weasel Run, Mushroom Forest Trail is a loop trail that has a total of 8km and is found near North Liberty, Iowa. It includes a scenic route of the lake and has a very shaded trail which makes it an enjoyable walk. And of course, you can also bring your dog if you want to. 

Hitchcock Nature Center 

Finally, for a real challenge for all of you out there who really want to test their sense of adventure and want more out of hiking. The Hitchcock Nature Center is a 10.1 km loop trail that gives hikers, scenic views and of course an amazing experience. It is found near Honey Creek, Iowa and is accessible to anyone who dares try to walk it. 
Do check out this trail if you are really looking for a memorable hike, one that requires more than just simple stamina and endurance. And be sure that you’re ready to have your will tested through the whole track.

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