California may be well known for its long beaches and beautiful shores. But there are more things to do in this great state than just surf and get tanned. You see, California has an abundance of cities, all of which have their own unique takes as to how to make you feel as if you were a Californian all along. 

This is why for your visit, we’ve compiled a small list of all the best cities you could go to while in the state. You’ll find that there really is more to California than just the beach. 

Santa Cruz. 

If you’ve come to California to experience that bohemian culture and vibe, then Santa Cruz is the city for you! Thanks to its very influential student body, this the hub for all the young people who really just want to party and enjoy the beach life while meeting new people with possibly the same hobbies as well! 

It is a beautiful city filled with some state parks that you and your friends can enjoy. And if that isn’t really up to your alley, then you can also just chill at the waterfront and watch thousands upon thousands of people pass by. Nothing says California like state parks beside the beach, doesn’t it? 


Now, if the beach really isn’t your style or is not what you’re looking for in the moment, then how about checking out Napa city? You can find this picturesque city around Napa Valley, and since it’s so close to San Fransisco, then you’re looking at a day trip to two of the best cities in the state! 

But Napa city hasn’t always been that great. Before it just used to be a place for old warehouses but now, the town is bustling and have tons of new people and activities for you to do! Here, you can do things like horseback riding, taking a chill cruise, and even hop on a hot air balloon! It’s the stop to go when you really just want a nice and quiet place to stay. 

Los Angeles. 

The City of Angels has to be the number one city you visit while you’re in California. Because all though all cities have their own unique way for you to enjoy them, Los Angeles has all of those, and so much more! 

The city is well known for many things like Hollywood and celebrities, but if you really want to enjoy California to the fullest, then that should be enough reason for you to head on over to this great city. Trust me, you’ll have the time of your life and so much more. 


Another beautiful city in California is Pleasanton. Like the name suggests, everything about this town is Pleasant. Beautiful homes. Amazing scenery. Excellent places to eat.

But beyond a doubt, the absolute best thing about Pleasanton, CA is all the swimming pools. Many homes in Pleasanton have beautiful custom swimming pools that become the year-round outdoor destination for families to enjoy.

Further, the swimming pool maintenance companies, like NorCal Pool Service, do an amazing job keeping all the pools in excellent condition every day. Without each homeowners commitment to keeping their pool in excellent condition by hiring a pool maintenance and repair company, Pleasanton just wouldn’t be the Pleasanton everyone knows and loves.


When it comes to the different states in America, the most popular one has to go to California. And with good reason! The state has some of the best cities where different cultures often meet, as well as beautiful environments and the ever lasting beaches! 

It is a city where you can do anything you want, and be able to live out the true American dream! In freedom and prosperity. Because nothing says America quite like California.…

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